By Deepak Jayakar

Every school year parents and students dutifully trudge through malls in search of the perfect sneakers or the cool new outfit. However, it is unlikely that the new shirt or shoe will benefit them as much as a new design in the bedroom. You will be focusing on the room arrangement in particular and how you can maximize it for study, rest and healthy growth of your child. So get set, to be perfect parent for your child by setting up feng shui for his/her bedroom!!

Make sure your child is not sleeping with a beam directly on top of his/her head. If there is beam in the room, try to move the bed such that the beam does not hit down on the child’s head. Beds should have solid head-board without any book shelf and should not be placed against the window. It will increase the concentration power of your child and his/her mind will stop wandering.

Be sure to work on NE sector of your child’s bedroom because this is not just the sector of education – it is also the sector of wisdom and wise decisions – and we all want our children to make good choices! Feng Shui theories suggest that for a child’s room to have good ‘chi’, the room must follow certain guidelines such as that they must be restful, promote good relationship with others and generate good self-esteem. Perhaps most importantly, harmonious children’s bedroom encourages good study habits and ensures greater success in school.

If Kids are misbehaving, not wanting to study, seemingly insensitive to the rest of the family, you should check the feng shui of your home. Many times, your child is not simply being the little tyrant or brat you think he/she is, he/she could be facing a spot of bad feng shui. If your child’s bedroom door directly faces a washroom door or staircase that can make your child disobedient, rebellious and unmotivated in his/her schoolwork. To remedy such an affliction, hang a five rod metal wind chime outside above the door.

What does it take to promote greater success in school? According to feng shui, the following tips are keys in creating room that inspires kid to study and grow sensible and intelligent.


  1. Displaying a globe or world map in NE sector of the room provides firm grounding for your kid.
  2. Hang a 2” diameter crystal ball in NE to help sharpen the child’s ability to think and process!
  3. Every child needs to shine in study and sports. The perfect way to gain this is to create an achievement corner on the south wall of the bedroom. South wall is the best place to pin up awards, papers with good grades, merit certificates or trophies.
  4. Avoid having scary creatures or pictures in the bedroom.
  5. Careful about what you place under the stairs. In particular, water body located under stairs poses a threat to children in home and to their education. Even avoid placing books in here, as these things can cause academics to falter.

Recently I tried display Albert Einstein portrait on west sector wall and results are surprisingly amazing, this is an excellent tip if your child is pursuing higher education (Masters or Phd or anything above that). Having the pictures of Scholars and Scientist on west wall make your children talented, ambitious and intelligent.

The house that is blessed with well-behaved and highly intelligent children is always a happy and prosperous house. Feng Shui if it’s rightly done, offers a potential environment for your children to be honorable and respectable members in the community! So get set, to be perfect parent for your child by setting up feng shui for his/her bedroom!!


Many Blessings!

Deepak Jayakar

Feng Shui Master, Lecturer & Columnist

Interior Designer, Custom / Luxury Home Specialist