As of 8:30pm yesterday evening, all occupants of the Balmoral Hotel have been safely evacuated. The building has been secured and is now considered an active construction zone.

The City’s Chief Building Official has ordered the owners to install temporary shoring inside the building to mitigate the serious structural deficiencies that necessitated the evacuation.

That order establishes a deadline of July 14 for that work and City inspectors will be monitoring compliance.

The City of Vancouver and BC Housing secured new homes for over 150 residents of the Balmoral Hotel. This includes securing additional housing for 10 women who were living at the Balmoral who did not have tenancy agreements. Finding safe, alternative housing for women living at the Balmoral Hotel was a priority for the City and BC Housing.

BC Housing will continue to support the non-profits who are working with former Balmoral tenants, to ensure their housing placements are sustainable long term.

The City extends its thanks to all teams who worked hard to support occupants of the Balmoral Hotel through the evacuation, including staff from BC Housing and Vancouver Coastal Health, and to tenants for their cooperation in safely moving to new homes.