Peter Fassbender hopeful of resolution of current crisis

Victoria – Minister of Education Peter Fassbender released the following statement on Thursday:

“Premier Clark and I have been discussing how we can move forward on our goal for 10 years of labour peace for students in our public education system.“Parents and students want to see a negotiated teachers’ contract before the end of the school year. So do trustees and government.
“Students and parents don’t need to begin yet another school year in September with the threat of a full strike and major disruption hanging over their heads. Our children deserve stability.
“In the interest of reaching an agreement before the end of June, BCPSEA will be making two significant moves at the bargaining table. “First, BCPSEA will table a new offer with a six-year term. A six-year term would be the longest agreement ever reached with the Teachers’ Federation in British Columbia. And it will open the door to a 10-year agreement next.
“Second, BCPSEA will offer teachers a time-limited signing bonus. The amount and details will be discussed tomorrow at the bargaining table. “These are two significant moves aimed at reaching an agreement by the end of the school year.“There is a clear pattern for public-sector settlements, and BCPSEA has already tabled a fair offer that reflects these agreements.
“These two significant incentives are aimed at getting us to an agreement and firmly on a path to long-term labour peace.”

In a press conference, Jim Iker, President of BCTF said he is hopeful for Friday meeting with BC Govt.

Jim Iker while responding to the questions of media persons said they only heard from media that Govt. is coming with a proposal which includes a lot of to offer them but they had not sat on bargain table yet. Till then they are not sure what BC govt. is going to offer them.

Jim said teachers appreciate if Govt. is ready to resolve their grievances. He said Christy Clark was pushing the progress which was unfair and unreasonable. Jim exclaimed that he is still positive since BCTF is bargaining for last 16 months.

He said we are looking for a fair deal for teachers and better support for students. Iker in reply to several questions answered that things depends on what will be offered on the bargain table. He added that community is also protesting anger and frustration in regards to nothing is resolving.  Jim told media persons that BC Govt. is spending less than Canadian average on education.