barinderSurrey: Councillor Barinder Rasode held a dialogue on ‘Organized Crime’ at Bombay Banquet Hall on July 10. This is one of the many initiatives Barinder is taking under the banner of Surrey Community Hub. The Hub was opened last month by Councillor Rasode to hold a number of dialogue sessions to hear from residents on various topics.

About the Organised Crime dialogue, Barinder Rasode said we took this initiative to bring the community together for a conversation about drugs, crime and gang prevention. Rasode said the purpose of the dialogue was to discuss things we can do as a community, and as parents, to become part of the solution. She added that street criminal gangs are a serious problem in every major city, and the potential for innocent bystanders getting hurt in the crossfire is very high – the Surrey Six murders are a prime example of that. Our initiative is about getting answers and tools to help us develop a comprehensive and holistic solution to the problem.