Abbotsford: Gang activity, drugs, and violence continues to be of great concern to the residents of Lower Mainland. The community has seen an exponential increase of the drugs and gang violence epidemic in the last few years. In an effort to break the cycle, Kids Play runs programs across the Lower Mainland and is primarily run by youth. Over 50,000 youth have gone through their free programs. These programs include sports and educational seminars. They also run after school programs in Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford. Sport has been a widely used mechanism to provide children with a positive constructive outlet and Kids Play has been determined to use this tool and give our youth a widened range of opportunities.

In an effort to break this cycle, Kids Play Foundation continues to bring resourceful opportunities for the youth community.

“We’ve all been directly or indirectly effected by the havoc wreaked by youth gang violence, and if we can play a small role in deterring even one youth from going down the path of no return, we’ve succeeded. However, if we can engage our youth in creating a movement and ridding our community of the youth and gang violence epidemic at its root, well, we just saved an entire generation. In the face of adversity, its time to come together and claim back our community, our youth.” Words of the youth volunteers.