Photo: BC newsroom

Victoria: Child support payments will no longer impact eligibility for parents already receiving or applying for child care subsidies, starting April 1, 2016, putting money back in the pockets of the families that need it most.

These changes will have an immediate impact for approximately 900 existing families, either by making them newly eligible to receive subsidies, or by increasing the amount of subsidy they receive.

The monthly subsidy is intended to support low-income families with the costs of child care.  The amount families receive depends on the family’s income and size, the ages of the children and the type of child care provided. The maximum rate a family can receive per child is $750 per month.

Families are also no longer required to re-apply for their monthly subsidy each year and the child care subsidy application form has been streamlined to make it easier for new applicants to apply for and receive subsidies.

Government invests up to $119.9 million annually on the Child Care Subsidy program, which supports nearly 20,000 children and their families each month throughout British Columbia. The changes to the Child Care Subsidy program are part of the province’s overall commitment to make it easier for British Columbians to access services and supports.

To learn more about the Child Care Subsidy Program or to see if you may be eligible for an increase in your subsidy allowance, please visit:

Stephanie Cadieux, Minister of Children and Family Development said, “Parents who receive child support payments shouldn’t be penalized when applying for additional supports. These changes fix what we have heard from parents needed to be fixed and makes sure that the Child Care Subsidy program is working for the families who need it most.”

Lina Yuan, parent said , “I used to receive around $200 per month and now I receive more than twice that!  I am a single mom, working full time, so paying for anything extra is hard. This additional money will make a big difference for me and will help me get my child involved in activities in our community.”