BC hydro_meter_baseVancouver: BC Hydro warned British Columbians about a new telephone scam. Customers of the power company are receiving calls in which the caller claims to represent BC Hydro and say their electricity will be disconnected if a payment is not received. Scammers are using the threat to extort money.

BC Hydro is reminding customers that the company does not collect credit card or bank account information over the telephone. Customers are also reminded that if they receive a call from someone representing BC Hydro and they doubt the authenticity of the call, they should hang up and call back.

If an account is in arrears, BC Hydro will send several notices asking for payment in the mail and also use an automated dialer to remind customers to make a payment before electricity supply is impacted.

BC Hydro customers are asked to report these calls by calling BC Hydro at 1 800 BC Hydro, their local police department and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1 888 495 8501.