A proactive online investigation by the BC Integrated Child Exploitation (BC ICE) unit has resulted in charges for Luring a Child and Making Child Pornography. 29 year old Tyler James Nowek was arrested and subsequently charged by the BC Crown for Luring a Child and Making Child Pornography. He made his first court appearance on Monday May 26, 2014. The investigation started on the Internet in March 2014. A covert online investigator from the BC ICE unit posed as a 13-year old female in an online chat forum. The police officer was soon approached by the accused who initiated an online conversation.

The chats between the accused and who he believed was a 13-year old girl quickly became sexually explicit.  During the chats, it’s alleged the accused admitted that he should not be chatting with a13-year old girl as he could get into trouble if he was caught. He suggested meeting the 13-year old girl for a date, but was instead arrested by investigators from the West Kelowna RCMP and the BC ICE Unit.

He was arrested at his place of business in West Kelowna on April 2, 2014. A search warrant was executed at the business shortly after. Nowek was released on a recognizance with conditions governing his access to children and the Internet.

This is just one of the many proactive investigations generated by the BC ICE unit, who, as part of their mandate, travel all over the Province to execute search warrants on the homes and businesses of suspected child sex offenders. Sergeant Mat Vanlaer of the BC ICE unit states that this case illustrates how quickly and brazenly child predators develop relationships online with children.