Andrew Wilkinson

Vancouver: For the first time, the BC Liberal Party is embarking on a brand new, wide-open, proactive recruitment drive for potential candidates from all corners of British Columbia.

Women, millennials, and BC’s diverse communities are still under-represented in the Legislature. The BC Liberals want to change that by taking their recruitment efforts, Ready to Run BC, to the public, and reaching out to talented, passionate, free-enterprise individuals who may have considered running for office before, but didn’t know how to get involved.

The BC Liberal Party is a big tent organization with supporters from all ages, genders and ethnicities and it’s time to reflect that through our elected representatives.

BC Liberal Leader, Andrew Wilkinson, said: “I’m driven by creating opportunity for all of British Columbia. That’s why I’m proud to launch this proactive candidate recruitment initiative so we can start engaging with British Columbians who share our vision of BC. We’re looking for individuals, from all backgrounds and walks of life, who want to give back by making a meaningful contribution to the future of British Columbia.

Every political party including ours can, and must, do a better job at embracing diversity through merit — especially encouraging millennials, women and underrepresented communities to compete for nominations and run as proud BC Liberals in the next election, whenever that may be.

Our team is one where hard work is rewarded, enterprise is celebrated, and everyone is encouraged to participate. If that sounds like you, I want you to be a candidate on our team going into the next election.”

The application portal is available as of Wednesday, February 6 at