Andrew Wilkinson

Vancouver: BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson released the following statement in response to today’s decision by the federal government to approve the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project:

“Today’s decision by the federal government sends a clear message to John Horgan and the NDP: The time for obstruction is over – their government needs to get out of the way and support this project.

“The majority of British Columbians support this project, including more than 40 First Nations who signed benefits agreements to support the pipeline expansion. Today’s decision will bring jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars to local communities along the pipeline route. It will also provide an increased supply of refined and refinable product in the line, which will lead to greater price relief at the gas pumps. It’s a great day for B.C. and a great day for Canada.

“While John Horgan and the NDP choose to pick fights with Alberta and Canada and spend taxpayer money on expensive court cases to block the pipeline, we will continue to stand up for B.C. communities and make sure our province shares in the billions of dollars in revenue this project will generate.

“British Columbia deserves better than a premier who puts politics above the interests of British Columbians and Canadians. This project is happening – it’s high time for John Horgan and the NDP to accept reality and get on board.”