Vancouver: BC NDP Leader John Horgan will commit to long term solutions that will bring relief to truckers and stability to port operations, following growing problems with the implementation of the 2014 agreement that ended the port truckers strike in Metro Vancouver. This follows months of neglect by the Christy Clark government after they were alerted to serious and ongoing problems with their failed implementation of the agreement.

“It’s time for a government that works with everyone to ensure full implementation of the 2014 agreement,” said Horgan. “We will work with all parties and the commission to solve the work permit problems and allow truckers to go where the work is and where they are needed.  We will increase the resources available to the Office of the BC Container Trucking Commissioner so that enforcement is swift and complete. We will bring in the necessary legislative and regulatory changes that are required for effective implementation. And we will work with all parties to ensure full monitoring of new actions and ongoing enforcement and progress.”

“We know the office is under-resourced and the Liberal government has failed to get this fixed. That is why this has dragged on for so long,” said Harry Bains, NDP MLA for Surrey-Newton. “We will provide the political will needed to amend the legislation and regulations. We will provide the staffing resources for enforcement and put pressure on the federal government as necessary. This renewed action is critical for our trading links, for our economy and for the truckers who are bearing the brunt of past failures.”

“Too many truckers are suffering because of Christy Clark. She enjoyed the photo ops at the time of the agreement in 2014. But, true to form, she neglected the issue after and that’s resulting in the risk of instability for Metro Vancouver ports. John Horgan and the BC NDP will fix this for the long term,” said Jagrup Brar, BC NDP candidate for Surrey-Fleetwood.

Support from the Trucking Industry:

“For many months we have tried to get the BC government to fix the problems that exist because the 2014 agreement is not being honoured. These are glaring breaches of the commitments made by the BC government in the 2014 Joint Action Plan and now there are serious impediments to the financial viability of UTA members operating within the current regulatory environment,” said Gagan Singh, Spokesperson for the United Truckers Association.

“We welcome this commitment from John Horgan and the BC NDP.  We just cannot continue with the broken regulatory system and we want to see the political will needed to fix it so people can make a decent living. We’ve put up with too much slippage in the agreement since 2014 and now we need this kind of action and leadership to fix this situation,” said Gavin McGarrigle, BC Area Director for Unifor.