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Business Immigration is intended for entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in and actively manage a business in BC. There are 3 categories under this stream. Entrepreneur category, Regional Entrepreneur & Strategic Projects .
Two popular categories under this stream The Entrepreneur & Regional Entrepreneur category . For the Regional Entrepreneur category applicant must have personal net worth of at least $400,000 & will have to invest at least $200,000 to establish, or purchase and expand an eligible business anywhere in BC, outside the Vancouver or Abbotsford metropolitan areas, where as under the Entrepreneur category the numbers are $ 800,000 & $ 400,000 respectively and you can establish, or purchase and expand an eligible business in lower mainland. In simple words if you want to do business near Vancouver the criteria is higher.
The applicant submits an application along with proposed business plan to BC PNP. The application process works in 2 phases. In phase one you sign a performance agreement & arrive in BC along with your family on two year work permit .Then during this two year period you establish and actively manage your business, and complete the investment and job-creation requirements. Once you have met the conditions of your performance agreement you will get nomination from BC Govt.& then you can apply for Permanent Residence .
If you want to reduce waiting time then you should find a business under Regional Business Succession Option. The Regional Business Succession Option is a good choice if you intend to purchase and manage an existing B.C. business. This option applies to all business immigration categories where the business is located outside of the Vancouver and Abbotsford metropolitan areas. This category offers priority processing and includes reduced job creation requirements.
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