“There has been virtually no movement from the BCTF on their wage and contract positions. The union hasn’t moved off its opening position of approximately 13.5% increase over three years, nor has it withdrawn any of its many other monetary proposals.“Nobody wants to see a repeat of the six-and-a-half month strike a few years ago where teachers faced no consequences financial or otherwise, for withdrawing a wide range of services – from refusing to write report cards to non-participation in extra-curricular activities. That situation only served to prolong the dispute, to the detriment of students, parents and all public school employees.”
Late Wednesday BCTF released a press statement where President Jim Iker’s commented on recess cancellations, calling them unnecessary and inappropriate step. He stated,” The vast majority of school districts across BC have not cancelled recess and those that have should reconsider. Principals, Vice-Principals, and excluded staff are more than capable of supervising the playground for 15 minutes each day.”