Bad Boys!

By Shirl Hollenberg

Beeba BoysSure to send shock waves through the South Asian community is Beeba Boys. Attendees at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival were wowed by this dynamic look at a crime wave that originated right here in The Lower Mainland. Now mainstream audiences should seek out this  Sony Pictures Classics classy crime tale at local Cineplex Odeon theatres around B.C.

Based loosely on the story of infamous crime car Bindi Johal Beeba Boys takes a no holds barred trip down memory lane to explore the relationships a group of young East Indian men forged to largely take over the rackets in once upon a time tranquil British Columbia

Man of the moment Jeet is not a figure to take lightly. Presented in Style by acclaimed Indian actor Randeep Hooda this Scarface trainee is a multi-layered man. Besides wreaking havoc on the streets of Surrey and the suburbs when not whooping it up with the ladies in upscale suits and fancy cars deep down inside this “businessman” is actually quite the family man.

Director Deepa Mehta delves deep into the immigrant community with the emphasis on family. Just a great atmosphere of the heady free flowing 1970s-1980s shows how rival gangs duke it out with lots of innocents thrown in the crosshairs as collateral damage. Enhanced by an upbeat musical score Beeba Boys just goes to show how little has changed in the violent streets of Lotusland.