Letting Go!

Before I fallTeen angst gets full blown coverage in Before I Fall. There is no doubt viewers should fall head over heels for the majestic scenery of the Pacific Northwest in this rare unique coming of age story from Elevation Pictures. Spot on acting from a collage of up and coming actors surely hits home in This terrific and inspiring drama now revealing untold truths at the International Village Cinemas and various other Cineplex screens across the Vast British Columbia landscape.

High school can bring out the best (or worst) in people. Let’s zero in on the raucous ways of a group of four senior teen girls as they go through the rites of spring in this their final year. Our troops are Led by the rather flamboyant in your face attitude of Lindsay and the much more demeure Samantha Kingston. Give full marks to the glowing portraits of these two young women so ably portrayed with conviction by Zoey Deutch and Halston Sage. Their once storied friendship is put to the test during Cupid’s Day when new loves, old flames and other burning issues come to the fore.

Quite relevant to these trying times Before I Fall effectively uses the technique of repetition and what ifs, buts and maybes to make its point. Subtle smart direction by Ry Russo-Young offers some relevant messaging with regards to bullying, peer pressure and family ordeals in This knock out hip teen flick that should have wide universal appeal.