EEZQMSHtsa6R1g5aq2hAO8n2f9M1NzO3TNPQzBz9pOH1BpFjzzL3t5a8PkzfW8A3LSurrey: While British Colombian’s prepare to make plans for the long weekend, Bellis Fair Mall has other plans. With the Canadian Dollar at $0.80, most Canadian have been skipping the border line ups and shopping locally but this long weekend, Bellis Fair Mall puts the Canadian Dollar a par to get more sales.

Retailers displaying Canadian/American flags in front of their store will be accepting Canadian Dollar at par. Canadians can enjoy this promotion from May 20 to May 23 but you will have to show your Canadian ID to get the deal. If you bummed that you can’t go to Bellis Fair Mall this long weekend, don’t not fret, they are offering this promotion on other Canadian holidays.

Happy Shopping!

Bellis Fair accepting CAN $ at par the following holidays:

Victoria Day, Monday, May 23

Canada Day, Friday, July 1

Labour Day, Monday, Sept. 5

Thanksgiving, Monday, Oct. 10

Remembrance Day, Friday, Nov. 11