By Shirl Hollenberg

Huggable Hero!
HollywoodForget about super heroes with extraordinary powers. Sorry Stan Lee and the brain trusts at Marvel. Concentrate on a simple boy with scientific
tendencies. That’s the rub when a lad on the make gets shaken up and embarks on an unbelievable quest in Super Hero 6, the latest winner from Disney set to topple box office records at Cineplex Odeon screens across B.C.
Finally we have a movie that’s fresh, fun and creative in the extreme. Early on in this animated fantasy we meet Hero, a boy with a passion for making a fast buck. Contrast this to his more studious older brother out to make his mark as an inventor at a high tech school.
Nothing goes as planned as both members of this parentless household face off with a killer monster who can only be stopped by the pair’s marvellous invention that looks like the Pillsberry Dougboy’s make-over. Through the streets of a Japanese version of San Francisco we go as a group of kids and students do their best to do battle against a monster robot whose designs are shady in the extreme.
Here we have a simple yet sensational plot and storyline that is smart and a joy to behold. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and the warmth exuded from the characters in This 116 minute tale of revenge and hope will linger with you. Majestic special effects and a spirit of freedom not to be denied make Big Hero 6 gigantic fun for the entire family. Adults too will be
pleasantly surprised by the fun element of this movie, shot in 3-D though not necessary from my perspective here comes one bit of high class.

Big Hero 6 (G) *****