Pic7Unsold or unproductive assets are known as dead capital, and there is an estimated 10 to 12 trillion of it worldwide. It is comprised of unsold advertising space, empty hotel rooms, available appointment times and excess inventory. First Canadian Barter Exchange provides an opportunity for local businesses to turn dead capital into additional revenue by accepting and spending barter dollars.

One business’s unsold capacity or products is another business’s need or expense. By joining First Canadian Barter Exchange, businesses are introduced to other businesses who are interested in buying from them using barter dollars. This generates sales they wouldn’t have otherwise and provides them with a new stream of income.

Being able to spend barter dollars instead of traditional money improves cash flow, as barter dollars can be used to pay for business expenses, staff incentives and consumer products. Some of the items that can be purchased using barter dollars include web design, accounting services, dental work, clothing, art, restaurant meals, hotel stays and much more.

Barter stimulates local economic activity and encourages local businesses to work together,” says Sukhi Kular, Regional Manager at First Canadian Barter Exchange. “We have created a community and are helping businesses to turn excess capacity into new opportunities.”

First Canadian Barter Exchange has conducted millions of dollars in barter transactions and has offices in Vancouver and Surrey. They have been in business for over 16 years and have over 600 members in the lower mainland along with affiliates across North America.

Learn more about barter at CoinFest on Feb. 15th at the Vancouver English Center at 250 Smithe St.,Vancouver. First Canadian Barter Exchange will have a table there from 12 – 4 PM and will be holding a  short presentation at 1 PM.

Learn How Barter is Turning Excess Capacity into Profit for Local Businesses at CoinFest Vancouver  Feb 15,2014