(PG) **


By Shirl Hollenberg

Water water everywhere. That’s an old saying from an old song. Some natural born thrill seekers have more than H2O to content with when they head Into Black Water: Abyss。Well, at least the creators of this suspense thriller got the timing right as summer is sure the best time to venture I to the great outdoors. Better check out this new movie instead of taking on unknown challenges that may  prove to be risky – if not outright dangerous – or worse yet deadly.  Contact  your local cable company or internet provider to order this brand new
Fancy a trip to Australia? Not me as a more rational response to living is to stay home avoid travel. Try telling that to two couples and a friend who journey into the brave unwashed remote parts of Northern  Australia.  Covid -19 is the furthest thing from the their minds. What’s on their plate for a nice outing instead is to do some cave exploration.
Despite the initial reluctance of one of the team members the group descend into an underground cavern. You might as well call this the trip to hell as amidst all that water an unknown predator lies in wait. Florida and the Amazon are not the only homes for crocodiles as these interlopers soon discover first hand.
Movies like this have been done before. Sure you get that sense of freedom disappearing as the fight for survival kicks in. Out to jump-start your hearts director Andrew Traucki Returns to familiar territory having made Black Water  in 2002. Too bad this new installment just isn’t that scary to freak you out.