High Note!

Good things happen for those who wait. A young immigrant boy sets the musical world on fire in Bohemian Rhapsody. 20th Century Fox pulls out all the stops in this fitting tribute to a one of a kind entertainer. Celebrate seeing a star in the making across B.C. At Cineplex Theatres.

Super hero director Bryan Singer proves he can tackle real dramas by revealing the rise to fame of Freddie Mercury. Brilliant casting sees Rami Malek transform from a shy immigrant to superstardom as the driving force behind Queen. Willing to press boundaries and challenge convention in all sorts of unchartered ways Bohemian Rhapsody serves up al! The energy of a live concert.

Impeccable taste and superb attention to detail recreates the heady 80s and the club scene in London to a tee. Band infighting and other ups and downs of the road band that rose to the top are handled impeccably well. Even more importantly is the way some taboo social subjects are broached. Here a star’s life is recounted warts and all. The results are unforgettable.

Step up and step out to see an Oscar caliber performance  in a film that’s the ultimate  chart topper and show stopper. Guaranteed. It will rock you!