By Rajwant Chilana

Quotes of the Week:

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” – Cicero


Interesting books at India Book World

hinduism_an_introduction_idc613Hinduism- An Introductionby Shankunthala  Jagannathan.  Mumbai: Vakils, Feffer and Simons Ltd, 84p, Soft Cover

Hinduism is an ancient religion, and is unique in its tolerance of other religions. It offers spiritual paths to persons of different aptitudes and places emphasis on individual spiritual experience. Yet in view of its free thinking and lack of compulsion educated Hindus of today and Hindus living abroad know very little of their religion.

Hindu Law: Beyond Tradition and Modernityby Werner F. Menski. New  Delhi: Oxford University Press, 648p,  Paperback.

In this major work, one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject argues that, regardless of contestations to the contrary, Hindu Law remains a living entity. Complex, essentially flexible, and constantly evolving, it has reached a stage of post-modernity. The book closely examines theoretical and historical developments to show that Hindu Law was never a code-based, positivist state law system.

Asian CookbookAsian Cookbook – by Nita Mehta.  New Delhi: Snab Books, 104p,Hardcover.

The Asian region stretches from India, Burma and Sri Lanka to the southern border of China, encompassing mainland countries of Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and other island countries of Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and the Philippines. This region is a gourmet’s paradise, where tastes mingle with subtle complexity, and the presentation is spectacular.

Hyderbadi Khaana: Recipes from the Global Capital of Nawaabs- by Nita Mehta. New Delhi: Snab Books, 114, Hardcover.

Hyderbadi cuisine has been popular worldwide and the exotic biryanis have found a place in almost every city of India. This book provides the original recipes of this authentic cuisine.From snacks to desert, the best methods have been given, taking care of both vegetarians and meat-lovers. The spices and other ingredients are easily available and all recipes are simple to follow. Surprise your loved ones with the colors, aroma and flavors of Hyderabad. It has some very attractive colored photographs.