Book 1The Sikhs in Canada – From Kama Gata Maru to Parliament Hill- by Mohinder Paul Singh. Ludhiana: Lahore Book Shop, 120p, Hard Cover.
This is an over hundred year’s historical account of Sikhs in Canada, a plain but interesting and thought provoking study. It takes into account one full century’s challenging journey culminating into the present position of the community in all aspects: politics, business, education, etc.

The Sikh Wedding-by Mohinder Singh. New Delhi: UBS Publishers Distributors, 96p, Paperback.
Traditionally the Sikh Wedding is known as the Anand Karaj – which means blissful event. This book captures the spirit of the Sikh Wedding through colorful photographs of various ceremonies connected with the wedding. Each ceremony from the beginning is explained in full: kurmai (or roka), ring ceremony, shagun, baarat and milni, laavan (the wedding ceremony), and doli. The book also provides explanation of each of the four lavaans in the Anand Karaj as well as a glossary of translation of some popular Punjabi words used throughout the wedding ceremonies.




 Ceremonies of Sikh Wedding- by Mina Singh. New Delhi: Rupa & Co, 110p, Hard Cover.
book 3This is the first comprehensive book on the religious ceremonies of the Sikh marriage, known as the Anand Karaj. With pictures by well-known photographer Raghu Rai, aims at providing useful information not only to those planning a Sikh wedding, but also to those interested in learning more about the social customs and religious practices of India’s most colorful community.
This book outlines in detail the numerous social customs, joyous ceremonies and solemn rites that are performed during a Sikh wedding. It includes detailed information about pre-nuptial celebration and ceremonies, concluding with the doli and reception that follow the Anand Karaj.

Reviewed By: Dr. Rajwant Singh Chilana
Associate Professor Emeritus (University of Illinois, USA)
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