By Rajwant Chilana

Punjab to Punjab- by Dharam Singh Goraya. Chandigarh: Unistar Books, 2013, 111p, Hardcover.

Punjab to PunjabBased on the travel to Pakistan, this title covers a good account of author’s comparison of India’s Punjab with Pakistan’ Punjab.  The book has following chapters:         

History of the Surroundings

Leaving India Again and Again

Leaving for Punjab (Pakistan)

Second Visit to Punjab (Pakistan)

A Comparative Study of Two Legends

Third Visit to Punjab (Pakistan), and

India- A farce Democracy

There are many beautiful colored photographs of the author with the people of Punjab in Pakistan as well as India. This book has been translated into Urdu by Prof essor Asad Saleem, and was launched at a simple but impressive ceremony under the auspices of International Dullah Bhatti Sanghat and Awami Jamhoori Forum at Press Club Hafizabad in Pakistan.

Punjabi Culture- by Romila Chawla. New Delhi: Life Span Publishers, 2013, 236p, Hardcover.

 Punjabi CulturePunjab and Punjabis are one of bravest and brightest diamond in Mother India crown. Punjabi culture is unique in many ways. It has contributed immensely to the richness and variety of the marvelous India civilization. Its manners and customs its food and dress, its music and dance, its language & literature, and above all its valor and wisdom have added luster to the Indian on the march. This title deals with various aspects of Punjabi culture, and includes land and people, history of Punjab, languages & literature, women of Punjab, wedding traditions, arts & crafts, music & dance, and fairs & festivals.