Eduardo Campos
Eduardo Campos

Rio de Janeiro: Eduardo Campos, a candidate for the Brazilian presidency, died Wednesday morning in a plane crash in Santos, in southeastern state of Sao Paulo.

The Brazilian air force confirmed that the plane which crashed over several houses and a gym in a residential neighbourhood in Santos was the same jet Campos used for his campaign, Xinhua reported. According to authorities, seven people were in the plane and there were no survivors.

Campos’ plane had left Rio and was headed to Santos for a campaign event. There are unconfirmed reports that Campos’ wife and son were in the plane, along with several campaign assistants. It was confirmed that Campos’ vice presidential candidate Marina Silva was not in the plane.

According to the air force, the plane crashed as it was preparing to land, and the accident may have happened due to bad weather. Before running for president, Campos, 49, had served as governor of Pernambuco state. He was consistently ranking third in all polls.