Lady’s Choice!

bridget-jones-online-image1Growing old affects people in different ways. Trust the makers of the Bridget Jones movies to take the lonely loveable lass on a different path in Bridget Jones’s Baby. Modern universal Pictures aces a fine script that is Generating tons of laugh at Cineplex Odeon entertainment halls around B.C.

Time has not been kind to Bridget. Again Rene Zelwegger commands your rapt attention as a 43-year-old long lost for love. Despite a busy schedule as a television control room Dynamo the aging spinster gets by with a little help from her friends – and two men in her life- one old the other new.

Who does the courting and more importantly who gets this naive woman into a frantic frenzy following a one-night stand is the question of the moment. With an accidental baby on the way it’s hilarious watching Bridget trying to find the mystery dad and prepare for pending motherhood,

Men in A fix are Patrick Dempsey and Colin Firth. Their interaction (s) with Bridget and how they deal with each other provides loads of fuel for humour. Witty with great adult dialogue Bridget Jones’s Baby sparkles with trendy humour that’s all good-natured and should be well received.