brigsby bearRedemption of a kind surfaces in Brigsby Bear. Offbeat yet generous is this Sony Pictures Classics that is definitely original with a capital O. Boasting a toast is Saturday Night Life alumni this obscure gem is already the darling of countless film festivals. For something totally different and rewarding take in this bittersweet tale at the International Village Cinemas.

Being held captive for no matter how long is not funny. Left in a cocoon like she’ll for much of his life is James. Re-integration into a world he largely knows nothing about one can only imagine the anxiety faced by actor Kyle Mooney. Somehow the confused lad now a young man makes the transition. Just how he goes adapting to a new life complete with new high school friends and a rather doubting at times family is handled with grace and charm.

Oh, and let us not forget how James spent his days while holed up. Parallels could even be made to prisoners of war although escape for this troubled child came by way of a series of videos featuring a loveable animated bear named Brigsby.

Not wanting to give too much of the story away, Brigsby Bear takes on a deadly serious subject and is full of raw emotion. Each performance is pitch perfect and at solemn tone of renewal echoes a wonderful sentiment not to be missed out on. There is hope with a willing spirit.