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The iPad has become ubiquitous. Tablets, iPads and other similar devices are rapidly becoming just another device, like the cellphone, that people routinely bring to work. For many, the iPad is a revolutionary device in that it brings the full power and experience of computing into a form that is easy to hold, easy to transport, and easy to use. And just like its smaller brethren it replaces conventional input devices like the mouse or keyboard with the tactile sense of touch to navigate and interact with the operating system and installed applications.

Is there a place for the iPad in your business?

Key to the success of the device has been the availability of thousands of applications from third-party software vendors that range in functionality from entertainment, media, education, and even productivity and business. Using these productivity and business applications you can effectively use these devices in the workplace.

Here are some specific work scenarios in which you may want to consider the iPad in your business operations:

For presentations. Because of its portability, the iPad makes a great device for showing and sharing presentations. Applications like Apple’s Keynote allow you to import and edit PowerPoint presentations. Accessories allow you to connect the device to a monitor or projector.

For Communication and Collaboration. The iPad has built-in applications for emailing, plus more can be added to support audio and even video conferencing. If you want to manage meetings, the iPad’s built-in calendar and address book apps make it a somewhat useful as a planner, while its larger screen makes it easier to read and manage than your cellphone or smartphone. It has built-in support for third-party mail and calendar applications like Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, and Calendar. You can also download and use additional applications to help you manage your tasks, monitor projects, share files, post and read stuff in your social networks, and much more.

For field assignments. The iPad’s light weight and portability make it a great companion while out on the road. You can install and configure secure remote connections to your office network when in the field, or use any of the business applications you use in the officeespecially cloud-based ones.

For travel. As a travel companion the iPad is unmatched, with a wide selection of apps for managing flight and hotel booking information, expenses, and more. Use the built-in tools to manage your travel itinerary, and use the communication and collaboration tools to check on progress at the office.

Industry-specific apps. There are dozens more business cases in which the iPad can be put to work. For example, as a store or point-of-sale display, or point-of-sale devices such as used by Pay Firma. Companies are using it to replace manuals, and schools are using it to replace stacks of books.

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