Surrey: Mr. Randeep Sarai, MP for Surrey-Centre, applauded the tabling of Budget 2017 – the Government’s plan to grow the middle class.

“Our Government has taken an essential step in helping to grow the middle class and revitalize the Canadian Economy; this budget puts people first and delivers the help that Canadians need now, not in a decade from now. It is an essential step to restoring prosperity to the middle class.”

“Budget 2017 makes key investments in transportation and infrastructure, including allocating an additional $2.2 billion for transportation projects in British Columbia. This additional funding will ensure that key projects like the LRT project here in Surrey will continue to move forward.”

“The Government of Canada recognizes that Canadians must be able to both work and live in our communities. As such, this government is making historic investments towards a new national housing strategy which includes $11 billion over the next 11 years. This will go a long way here in Surrey and across British Columbia.”

“Budget 2017 included a $3.2 billion investment for provinces and territories to support key priorities for affordable housing; this will complement the significant investment from the province of British Columbia. I know this will go a long way in the lower mainland where housing affordability is top of mind.”

“This government is focused on building Canada up as a world-leading innovation economy that creates jobs and grows the middle class. The $1.26 billion Strategic Innovation Fund will give Canadian innovators access to an application process that is simpler and more efficient while attracting new high-quality business investments. Surrey’s own Innovation Boulevard as well as the new Health and Technology Sector are poised to become leaders in innovation and our Government’s investments will help them do exactly that.”

“Far too often Canadian families must make the difficult choice between work and family, this budget recognizes that challenging balance as such we are investing $7 billion to help support and create more high quality and affordable child care spaces across the country.”

“Access to the highest quality health care whether at local hospitals or at home is a priority for this government and budget 2017 proposes a major transfer of $6.7 billion in 2017-18, a increase of $94.4 million from the previous year. This means that British Columbians will have better access to home care and mental health for those who need it, more specifically $785.7 million will be dedicated to better home care and $654.7 million will be allocated towards mental health initiatives in BC.”

“This budget is a big win for British Columbians and the people of Surrey Centre, the government is making the right investments in our communities to ensure that we continue growing the middle class and those seeking to join it.”