PG ***

Sharp Wit!

Youthful enthusiasm and a zest for life serve a young girl well in adulthood. Or do they? Never judge a book by the cover as we enter the rather convoluted world of a lady on the move in the uproarious Buffaloed, smart in all counts see some breakout performances in this video on demand new release that you are able to enjoy in the comfort of your own home by contacting your local cable company or internet provider.
– Keen observers may know that Buffaloed relates to Buffalo. Known far and wide as the city where disgraced football star O.J. Simpson once upon a time ran up a storm this east coast entity has the dubious distinction of also being the debt collecting capital of the United States if not the world. Joining this not too illustrious hall of shame is one Peg
– From early on we see the arithmetic like mind of this young girl be a wiz with numbers but it takes the all grown up Zoey Deutch to put considerable flesh on those so savvy bones .
– Asking for money can be a thankless job but Peg’s scheming ways turn out to be a natural fit. Under the tutelage of seasoned vet Wizz Peg quickly rises to the top. Cast as Wizz in a compelling played up performance is Jai Courtney who Brings a little Tony Soprano larger than life persona to the party. But, as the saying goes, the farther you rise the harder you fall Peg becomes a too big for her britches in The eyes of some so it’s game on!
– Sparks fly constantly in this well-written well-acted black comedy with. Zoey Deutch simply delicious as a firecracker dynamo. For more movie reviews please visit and subscribe to my new YouTube channel Robert Waldman The Movie World and visit My website