Thind nad JustinVancouver: “My family and I are delighted to host a dinner for Mr. Trudeau during his trip to Vancouver,” says Thind. “His energy and vision for Canada not only motivates business leaders, but the next generation of youth.”

Prominent business figures in the South Asian community attended the dinner, and Trudeau took the time to meet with each individual present. He later addressed the guests with a speech, in which he thanked everyone for coming and shared his vision for Canada and its future.

In attendance were the Consulate General of India – Ravi Shankar Aisola, Dr. Gulzar Cheema, Wally Oppal, Tony Singh, Randeep and Sarbjeet Sarai, Gurpreet and Raj Arneja and Puneet Agarwal to name a few. Moreover, the private dinner raised $45,000 in support of LPC.

Trudeau travelled to British Columbia this week, and will be delivering a keynote address to the province’s business leaders on Friday, April 11 at The Vancouver Board of Trade.