Vancouver: In Wednesday’s televised leaders’ debate, Premier Christy Clark delivered a clear, consistent message to voters: she is focused on the issues important to them.

Premier Clark made it clear that only Today’s BC Liberals have a plan for jobs, controlling spending, and cutting taxes so we can secure a bright future. The Premier calmly laid out a plan to protect B.C. workers from the growing protectionism south of the border and the continued turmoil in the world economy.

But she also highlighted how a responsible economic plan that controls spending allows government to make increased investments in helping those we love.

In contrast, the opposition leaders spent the 90 minutes arguing over whose rally was bigger and attacking each other instead of providing British Columbians with a vision for the future. Speaking over each other, and competing to see who could make the least affordable promises and raise taxes the most, the two men failed to articulate how they would protect B.C.

Following the performances of the three leaders, it is clear only Premier Christy Clark can lead the fight to preserve, protect and create B.C. jobs.