Steveston Richmond East Member of Parliament, Parm Bains toured the US Consul General of Vancouver, Brent Hardt, around Steveston Harbour and the Ocean Legacy Foundation facility.
Under the Roadmap for a Renewed US – Canada Partnership, the two nations remain committed to work together to accelerate climate ambitions. MP Bains indicated that sharing coastlines with the southern neighbours makes investments into the Oceans Legacy Foundation imperative to the bi-lateral partnership and fight against plastic pollution in our waters and shorelines.
Richmond’s own, and Canada’s only, Ocean Legacy facility is committed to combating plastic waste in oceans with innovative ways to recycle and reuse. Creating a circular economy by turning ocean waste into 100% post-consumer processed plastic.
The unique program bridges partnerships between business, industry, government and nonprofit sectors to take critical steps forward to create a value chain in an emerging ocean plastics industry.
The federal government has provided millions in funding for Ocean Legacy Technologies to combat the domestic plastics challenges under the Innovative Solutions Canada program. This program invited Canadian small businesses to develop innovative technologies to reduce plastic waste and keep valuable resources circulating in our economy.
Ocean Legacy is led by co-founders Chloe Dubois and James Middleton, and is supported by a board of directors, technical advisory committee and hundreds of volunteers worldwide. As an internationally recognized leader in plastic pollution response, OLF has a dynamic approach and solution-based platform in combatting plastic pollution.
Their international plastic management strategy will integrate existing and futuristic elements from OLF’s four pillars:
Education & Research, Policy and Advocacy, Infrastructure Development and Cleanup & Restoration, to catalyze world-wide action around plastic pollution-free lands and oceans.