Halifax, Nova Scotia: Far from giving up on the Keystone XL pipeline to the United States, Finance Minister Joe Oliver said on Tuesday Canada would keep the issue alive with the Obama administration despite a further delay of the U.S. decision on whether to approve it. Oliver, who vigorously promoted the TransCanada Corp crude oil line as natural resources minister before taking over at finance last month, told reporters he was very disappointed that the U.S. had delayed the decision on Friday “yet again.”
Alberta’s premier Dave Hancock has issued a statement expressing disappointment. He said, “I am disappointed in today’s announcement of yet another delay in the regulatory approval process for the Keystone XL pipeline. Thorough, predictable and independent regulatory processes are in the interests of all participants. “Keystone XL has been rigorously studied. We believe the project is in North America’s best interest as it provides energy security, jobs and a dependable energy source from an environmentally responsible and democratic friend and ally. “Our government has been clear that opening markets is our number one economic priority because more markets mean more long-term opportunities for all Canadians. “Alberta’s commitment to responsible environmental management strongly positions us as the safest and most secure energy supplier to our American neighbors.”