Chris AlexanderMore than 450,000 visas issued till September this year

Ottawa: Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced that 2014 is a record year for visas issued in the world’s key markets for legitimate travel and trade. Canada granted more visas in the first nine months of 2014 than ever before to people from China (272,608), India (117,927), Mexico (59,863) and Brazil (55,730) all of which contributes to creating economic growth and opportunities in Canada.

These record-setting numbers are another indication that the government’s efforts to facilitate legitimate trade and travel are working. With CAN+ and various “Express” programs, it is now easier and faster for visitors, business people and students from high-growth countries to come to Canada.

The overwhelming majority (over 90 percent) of visitors to Canada are now opting for the ease and convenience of multiple-entry visas (MEVs). MEVs allow qualified visitors to enter Canada for six months at a time for up to 10 years. Last month alone, Canada issued close to 89,000 MEVs to individuals coming to visit Canada.

In 2013, CIC issued 974,711 Temporary Resident Visas.

Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said, “Our government’s top priority is to help create jobs and economic growth. That’s why, in visa offices around the world, we are pulling out all stops to increase legitimate trade and travel which, in turn, ensures economic growth and long-term prosperity here at home.”