Photo: paNOW

By Laura Osman
The Canadian Press

Ottawa: Canada’s decision to welcome an unlimited number of Ukrainians to Canada on a temporary basis marks a positive and hopefully permanent change to the way the country handles major crises around the world, the Canadian Council for Refugees says.
Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced Canada would allow Ukrainians to apply for an expedited visa to stay for two years, without conditions like language requirements or labour market impact assessments.
The move runs contrary to what has traditionally been a fundamental principle of Canada’s immigration system, which is not to allow people to come on a temporary basis who may not leave when their visa expires, said Janet Dench, the executive director of the Canadian Council for Refugees.
“In those cases, it is almost impossible to get a temporary visa. So this is showing a quite new way of looking at things,” Dench said in an interview Thursday.
She likes the new perspective, she said, and she hopes it sets a precedent for future conflicts.
The question must also be raised, though, about why similar opportunities have not been offered in other circumstances, including the crisis in Afghanistan, Dench said.