Electronics, Selection, Free Shipping Driving Canadian Online Shopping Trends


WE know that Canadians spend a lot of time on the Internet and now they are putting more of their money where their fingers and eyes are. According to the latest research from the Ipsos Canadian Inter@ctive Reid Report, online Canadians are spending more cold hard cash on online purchases than ever before.

The eCommerce Special Feature Report from the 2013 study shows that online Canadians spend an average of $899 through purchases and transactions on the Internet, which is up from the $639 average revealed in the 2012 study.

Slicing through the data, the study also revealed that men spend more online than women with the 2013 figures reporting averages of $1,080 and $725 respectively.

“Clearly, Canadians have become quite comfortable with eCommerce and online shopping, and more and more are turning to the Internet to make purchases,” says Dave Pierzchala, Senior Vice President and Managing Director with Ipsos Reid in Vancouver. “Men in particular seem to appreciate the ease and convenience of online shopping, as they are outspending women by a significant margin.”

The 2013 study also revealed a spike in online purchases for electronics, computer software and electronics accessories. Just slightly under half of respondents (45%) reported having downloaded purchased computer software, up from 35% in 2012. Likewise, 27% had purchased computer software to be shipped or mailed, up from 19% the year before.

On the hardware side, just over a third (34%) reported having purchased hardware accessories, up from 27% the previous year. And 15% reported purchasing a tablet device in the 2013 study, up from 8% in 2012’s report.

When it comes to purchasing items from U.S.-based websites, Canadians rated ‘better selection’ as a major motivation for doing so. Looking at U.S.-based retailers, 54% say better selection than Canadian websites and 56% say better selection than Canadian stores were their major reasons for making such a purchase. However, ‘free shipping’ did spike in the 2013 report, with 47% stating it as a reason (25% citing it as a major reason for making purchases off U.S.-based websites, 21% stating it as a minor reason).

“The findings from this year’s study show the growing importance of online shopping as well as some of the nuances about the kind of people who do shop online, what they buy and their reasons for buying,” adds Pierzchala. “But on a high level, marketers would be well advised to ensure they have eCommerce capabilities on their websites and online shopping available, as well as convenient methods for shipping, as these are all bound to be a more prevalent part of the shopping mix for Canadians.”