By G N Panesar

Chandigarh: Former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh is activating his cadre in Punjab congress via Jat Maha Sabha.

Captain Amarinder is member of Congress working committee, which restricted his direct involvement in Punjab congress affairs. As a result, Amarinder is going inconspicuous in Punjab politics. Earlier, Punjab Congress president Partap Bajwa had complained to high command regarding Capt’s interference in his affairs. So, Capt. Amarinder found a route to be active in Punjab politics, which is via Jat Maha Sabha.


Capt. Singh is also the president All India Jat Maha Sabha. So he worked on the idea to get his supporters activated for him in Punjab with the stamp of Jat Maha Sabha  and not as a congress leader. He nominated several Congress leaders including sitting and former legislators to the national executive of the Sabha. He also announced the state executive.

Capt. Amarinder planned that the national and state executive members of Sabha will go around Punjab and stage protest against Chief Minister of Punjab Parkash Singh Badal. Amarinder said, “The executive members of Sabha will explain to the people as how the Parkash Singh Badal betrayed and let the Jat Sikhs of Punjab down by sabotaging their chances of getting reservation benefits with the sole selfish motive.”

He said, “Punjab government’s lapse will dearly cost the poor Jat Sikh youth the reservation benefit in about 1.5 lakh central government job vacancies and an equal number of admissions in various, professional, technical, academic institutions and higher education.”