Gas leakage forced townhouse evacuation


Richmond: A driver lost control of their vehicle on No. 3 Road near Blundell and crashed into bank of three gas meters after it knocked down the wooden fence in townhouse complex. The meters got ruptured and triggered gas leak.

The incident forced residents of Abercrombie Place to evacuate their homes. It is learnt that the same driver also hit a white SUV.

A townhouse resident said she awoke to the sound of a boom shortly after midnight, and peeked through her upstairs bedroom window to see a large vehicle back out of her front lawn and flee north on No. 3 Road.

She then smelled of gas leakage, hissing from the bank of six gas meters that had been tossed aside, in a crash that left a sizable dent in a wall.

A survey of the scene suggests this might not have been a one-car accident.

Turns out another townhouse just a few meters away, had its wooden fence knocked down, with damage to another bank of three gas metres, which were also ruptured.

Anybody with information about the crash is asked to call the Richmond RCMP at 604-278-1212.