Source: The Canadian Press

BRAMPTON, Ontario: One person has died and another is in hospital with life-threatening injuries after a freight train crashed into a car at a railway crossing in a city northwest of Toronto on Friday.

It’s the second such collision to take place in Ontario this week, and police are urging motorists to exert caution at railway crossings.

Friday’s crash took place just before 10:30 a.m. at a crossing in Brampton, Ont.

A spokesman with Peel Regional Police says the clearly marked crossing has functioning lights and bells, but does not have a crossing barrier.

Const. Mark Fischer says the car was flung several metres down the railway tracks after being hit by the train, which was not carrying any hazardous materials and came to a stop a little past the crossing.

The person who died and the man with life-threatening injuries were both in the car.

The Friday morning crash came just days after two women were killed when the car they were in was hit by a passenger train at a railway crossing east of Chatham, Ont.

Police said drivers need to pay attention at railway crossings and not take risks.

“At any railway crossing, in a motor vehicle, always be cognisant of any vehicles that may be travelling along there, regardless of the signal,” said Fischer. “Because it never ends well.”