CMU1 CMU2Chicago, Illinois: On Saturday, April 26th, 2014, Caribbean Medical University School of Medicine held their inaugural graduation ceremony at the Historic Quadrangle Club, University of Chicago campus. Graduating students received their medical degrees in front of friends, family, faculty and their peers. The keynote speaker was Dr. Nicole E. Williams, who is the founder of the Gynecology Institute of Chicago.

“The graduating students worked hard for something very few individuals are privileged to sign behind their name: the letters “M.D.” Doctor of Medicine or as we at CMU refer to is as; making a difference.” said Johnny Kang, CMU’s Academic Advisor. Dr. Jackson, Dean of Academics said “What could be better than a graduation ceremony with the well-educated new graduates ready to face the world in their chosen profession? I imagine that many lives will be changed, and even saved, on a daily basis by these new doctors. I am so proud of them and honoured to have taken part in their journey in this noble calling.”