By Harnoor Gill
“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” – Native American Proverb. This quote is significant to the topic being discussed because it shows that the future generation will depend on how we sustain our environment today to save the earth in the end! This can be made possible by preventing such despicable acts as ‘urine in a bottle’ being on the side of a highway ramp. If you are ever seen caught committing this action you can be charged up to a $5000 fine if seen by the police. This can easily be prevented by letting people of these local communities know why this is a bad act to commit how it can be made more eco-friendly. It can be understood that sometimes people can have severe bladder problems causing them to urine frequently. However, that doesn’t give someone a reason to throw the bottle of urine out of their car window and onto the side of a highway ramp. Eco-friendliness can be applied to this case of ‘attack on the environment’ because of how it is so simple to dispose of the bottle of urine in a safe and harmless way. The bottle can be emptied out in a toilet and then recycled to dispose of it.
Before humans roamed the Earth there were more forests, larger oceans, no pollution and a lot more fresh air. This doesn’t mean that we should just sit around and do nothing but what it means is that there is change that needs to be done. This is where youth can go out and advocate with adults to make the right decisions in order for them to become environmental activists of their community. Let’s work together to stop the madness of littering on highway. Remember the four Rs i.e. reduce, re-use, rethink and recycle always no matter where you are! Let’s help keep our surroundings clean not only during Earth day but all year round! I wish you all a happy Earth hour, day, month and year!

Harnoor Gill