By Shirl Hollenberg

Born Loser!
Be careful what you wish for. Halloween comes early. If you want to escape the heat chill out with Child’s Play. Smart and trendy this Elevation Picture’s new take on a horror classic will have you squirming in your creaky seats at Cineplex Cinemas and Landmark Theatres across B.C.
Poor Andy. Gabrielle Bateman stars as the nerdy kid who’s having a tough go of it settling into a new home in a new town. To take the edge off his blue collar parent wants to make things easier for her son And feels buying a popular doll may do the trick.  Wrong choice.
At first doll Buddi seems like the perfect buddy for Andy. When strange and bad things begin to occur all bets are off as this doll has a rather lively mean streak that manages to get under Andy’s skin. Let the games begin and the blood will flow.
Comparisons to the original Chucky will be made. Because of a very good story and equally effective performances you buy into the build-up and payoff as this cute toy proves to be anything but. Not so sudden terror explodes on Screen In this well done terror fest that is chilling and dangerous. Oh, and over the top to be sure.