china earth quackBeijing: At least 367 people have been killed and 1,881 others injured after a 6.5-magnitude earthquake rattled southwest China’s Yunnan province Sunday, rescuers said. In Zhaotong city, the quake has killed 296 people and injured 1,591 in Ludian county. It has also left 60 dead and 193 injured in Qiaojia county, and caused another death in the city’s Zhaoyang district, Xinhua reported.

In Huize county of Qujing city, the quake has killed 10 people and injured 97 others.

The quake struck at 4:30 p.m. Sunday with a depth of 12 km. The epicentre is in Longtoushan Township, 23 km southwest of the county seat of Ludian, the China Earthquake Networks Centre reported.