Nanjing: China and Taiwan began the first high-level talks after a gap of 65 years. The four day talks began on Feb 11 in Nanjing. Wang Yu-chi and Zhang Zhijun, respectively heads of the Mainland Affairs

Council (in Taiwan) and the Taiwan Affairs Office (in China) are representing the two nations.

The two sides will discuss a proposed free trade agreement, which is pending in the Taiwanese parliament. It has been reported that respect for freedom of the press by Beijing is also on the agenda.

Foreign policy experts see these talks as an opportunity to broaden collaboration in terms of trade and business rather than political gain for either of the two because the political matters still stand as they did six decades ago, where China sees Taiwan as its province which broke away and has to be brought back under the People’s Republic of China’s umbrella but Taiwan officially known as Republic of China still asserts its independence and individual identity.