Beijing:  After president Xi Jinping vowed to crush both “tigers and flies” in his war on corruption in Chinese administration and launched a high-profile campaign against sleazy and corrupt officials, civil servants have been asked to take an anti-corruption exam.  

A 34-question quiz has been devised by Di Xiaohua, a scholar from east China’s Nanjing University and approximately 2000 civil servants have sat in the anti-corruption test.

Questions like, ‘How many times have you been offered sexual favors?’

Are you starved of affection at home and considering an extra-marital affair? And do you agree that it is impossible to enforce a law, if everybody disobeys it? are asked in the exam. Officials also have to mark their agreement or other wise to questions like, -‘You should only accept money or gifts worth less than 5,000 yuan (around £500).