Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly

You have heard many times how we are supposed to eat our fruits and vegetables…

But did you know that chocolate is a fruit?  That it is actually made from the seed of a fruit.

Did you also know that seeds are the most nutrient dense component of any food and that chocolate comes from one of the most nutrient dense food there is.

And did you know that Chocolate is the most pharmacologically complex nutrient dense there is…even the US Government has acknowledged this?

But not all chocolate is made equal.  We all know how detrimental chocolate can be – it causes obesity, diabetes, artheriosclerosis and plaque etc. and why?  Well for starters, it is pasteurized – which means right off the top it has lost all of its nutrients!!  Then if that weren’t bad enough, it is loaded with wax, high fructose corn syrup, stabilizers, preservatives, etc.

While “dark” chocolate and “bitter” chocolate has been marketed as being very good for you…there are many challenges with it…

1) All of the phenomenal fats that are so important to our brains and anti-inflammatory systems have been eliminated
2) While eliminating the important fatty acids, they have also lost up to 80% of the anti-oxidants they are being marketed for

Xocai chocolate has independent laboratory tests that confirm that all the anti-oxidants that are in the seed are what get to your mouth.

Nutrient Dense:

Chocolate is now recognized to have over 1200 molecules that are important to the body and over 300 nutrients!

Vitamins, minerals, all the amino acids (essential & non-essential) fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants (2x more than acai berry) but Xocai chocolate also contains acai berry and blueberry

That is one powerful food – so we do not want to pasteurize it and eliminate all those phenomenally good nutrients.  We want to maximize on them!

Pharmacologically Complex:
What does it mean to be pharmacologically complex? It means that there are so many nutrients in chocolate with so many ways to impact on disease, dysfunction, and deficiencies!

Chocolate has now been well recognized in a wide variety of issues – and we know that when different clinical studies use 70%, 80% or 90% chocolate – we can get even more benefit from 100% Xocai chocolate.

So, let’s look at some of the issues real chocolate can address:

Fights Weight:
Obseity is a big problem in North America today and real Chocolate can help?

  1. Regulates the two important hormones in weight metabolism: grehlin & leptin
  2. Opens fat cells so that they release stored toxins
  3. Provide the anti-oxidants to clean up the mess
  4. Alters the genetic coding changing the fat cell into fatty acids – used for energy

Fights Cancer:

  1. turns on apoptosis “automatic cell death”
  2. changes the membrane so it receives oxygen instead of sugar
  3. blocks off arterial nutrients – starves the cells
  4. alkalizes the interior and exterior of the cell

Fights Heart Disorders:

Re-stabilizes oxidized cholesterols
Induces vasodilation – increases nitric oxide
Improves coronary vascular function
Decreases platelet adhesion – reduces arteriosclerosis plaque
Lowers blood pressure
Fights inflammation – the most pervasive cause of disease, disorder & dysfunction
Copper—found in rich supply in dark cocoa—is involved in many of the chemical processes in the body and the heart
High levels of potassium, which is vital for cardiovascular health

Fights Diabetes:

  1. High levels of soluble & non-soluble fibers slow down sugar absorption
  2. Natural sweetener is agave
  3. Diabetics are always very low in anti-oxidants and consequently high in damaging free radicals – Xocai combats this by providing high levels of powerful anti-oxidants
  4. Fights digestive issues, bowel issues, gastric issues
  5. Provides huge amounts of micro/macro pre/pro biotics,
  6. Provides soluble and non-soluble fiber
  7. Protects the gut from acidity and alkalizes our gastro tract so that the good bacteria can thrive
  8. Eliminates inflammation that disrupts the environment for healthy bacteria
  9. Inhibits the growth of bad bacterial growth in the gut

Fights Psychological Issues:

  1. Provides all the amino acids required to make serotonin, neuroephinephrine, dopamine and other neurotransmitters
  2. Provides neurotransmitters like: dopamine, phenylethylamine (PEA), anadamide provides endorphins and natural anti-depressants, i.e.MAOIs
  3. The brain is about 60% fats and Xocai provides the omega 3/fatty acid – the fats the brain requires
  4. The cocoa bean contains several useful minerals, vitamins & anti-inflammatories
  5. Magnesium, which is necessary for muscle relaxation, nerve conduction, energy production and bone and teeth development and overall health
  6.  Xoçai’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds may help protect the brain and support healthy mental and cognitive function.

Fights Free Radicals:

Xoçai’s premiere-level cocoa, as well as its açai and blueberry content, deliver a wide array of antioxidant compounds that include various types of:

Polyphenols: flavonols: epicatechins, procynandins, anthocyanins and more.

Anti-Aging Benefits:

Anti-aging is a big marketing ploy today. Basically, anything with any kind of anti-oxidants is considered anty-aging. This is because any time we can reduce our free radicals it is a health benefit to us. Xoçai is very high in anti-oxidants – in fact, Xocai has 3 times more anti-oxidants than acai berry and up to 20 times more than green tea.

In addition, there is a huge concentration of flavonols found in Xocai which are also very powerful. In addition, to the anti-oxidants found in the chocolate, Xocai also includes acai and blueberry, also known for their high concentration of anti-oxidants

Supports Healthy Glucose Levels:

  1. The cocoa poly-phenols positively affect glucose levels in the blood
  2. They regulate the blood glucose uptake in the liver
  3. They help re-sensitize insulin receptors that help regulate blood glucose
  4. Xoçai’s products are sweetened only with natural sweeteners such as raw cane and agave

Protects the Skin:

Researchers have shown that cocoa’s antioxidants can protect the skin from radiation and stimulate blood flow to the skin.

Improves Oral Health:

  • Various studies have demonstrated that cocoa flavanols can protect the teeth in a variety of ways
  • Alkalizing minerals keep the mouth alkaline preventing the bacteria, that grow in acidic environments, that create cavities

Modulates Inflammatory Mechanism:

Research show that the poly-phenols and omega 3s in cocoa & açai support healthy inflammation function in the body.

Boosts Energy:

Xoçai delivers an array of nutrients the body needs to optimize production of energy—without using unhealthy sugars or harsh stimulants.

Optimizes Mood:

Cocoa contains several compounds that stimulate the production of neurotransmitters including Serotonin
Cocoa also contains important brain molecules like:

  1. Dopamine
  2. PEA
  3. Theobromine
  4. Anandamide
  5. Endorphins
  6. Cocoa also contains minerals like Magnesium

All of which help to both regulate and enhance one’s mood and emotional state.

Supported by Modern Science:
Literally hundreds of studies demonstrate a wide variety of potential benefits associated with:

  1. dark chocolate
  2. açai berry
  3. blueberries

The best part of it is Xoçai is delicious!

The second-best part is that Xoçai’s Nutrients are easily absorbed.

The third best part is that Xoçai is 100% Natural

Xoçai’s products are considered “clean”—that is, they use no synthetic flavors, fillers or other ingredients.

Here’s to your health.

For more information, contact: holly@choicesunlimited.ca

Dr. Holly is a naturopathic doctor that holds a PhD in Psychology and Biochemistry, specializing in balancing mind, body and energy of the system.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information only and is not a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or other health care practitioner.