WHEN Pawan Tahilramani moved to Canada in 2007 from Qatar, he was hoped to continue his career in Human Resources.  Not having received formal training in the field, he was missing the necessary credentials for working in the Canadian HR field.  For many immigrants a challenge like this can mean turning to part-time or low paying work just to get by.  Not wanting to take this road, Tahilramani looked for education programs that would give him the necessary qualifications needed to pursue his career in Canada.

Tahilramani did not want to delve into an elaborate program that would take up a lot of time. Getting into the Canadian work force as soon as possible was important and urgent as he already had an extensive background in the HR field. “I chose Ashton because they ticked all the boxes in terms of what they offered and what I needed,” he said.

Tahilramani was able to become a Human Resources Professional (CHRP) in a timely manner and on his own terms. “The instructors had a lot of professional experience which made this course more practical than theoretical,” he noted.

Each year highly educated and skilled immigrants come to Canada only to find that their degrees and credentials are not recognized.  While Canada’s economy relies heavily on immigrants and their skills, our legislation on accepting foreign credentials does not always reflect this.

“I don’t know where I would be without the course. I was in HR for so long, but because of Canada’s laws and regulations my experience wasn’t enough,” Tahilramani said.

While the majority of Human Resources work is instinctual, it still requires a structure and a foundation of rules on which to base decisions. The foundation of HR can change from country to country and programs like the one Tahilramani decided on can help immigrants make the transition easier.

Within four months of graduating, Tahilramani was able to secure a great new job in the career he had worked in.

Ashton College is one of the best colleges for new immigrants who wish to upgrade their education and join the Canadian mainstream job market. These colleges help students gain practical skills and knowledge to start rewarding and successful careers offering both in-class and online programs taught by industry professionals.


Carolyn (Cairrie) Williamson

Manager, Program Advising