By Shirl Hollenberg


img_2983Sooner or later medical problems confront us all. Often under the table lie issues of mental difficulties and depression. Out to set e record straight is Taro PR with their sharp release of Christine.  Based on a true event this dour drama features compelling casual performances especially from its lead. Go ahead and make your day or evening by taking in This insightful if not motivational tale at select theatres around B.C.

No one likes to admit they are not perfect let alone acknowledge that they are ill. Busy as can be hot to trot local television writer Christine has a habit of doing her own thing much to the chagrin of the station boss. Oscar buzz is already coming Rebecca Hall’s way as a somewhat lost cause. On the job our would-be Edward Morrow tries to do her best but something always gets in the way.

Yes, she is ill.  How she manages to put up a brave front is heart-warming as friends and family try to reach out with varying degrees of success Hope springs eternal and through a smart story of an actual heart-wrenching event  onlookers in awe of how bad things can get when things come undone.

Award season has come early with a dynamic restrained showing by Rebecca  Hall of a troubled woman bound to get noticed for its authenticity and reach.