By Dr. Holly

Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly

Christmas is such a fun time and eating is such a pleasurable way of connecting…most cultures have utilized foods for a variety of things, throughout history, including:
• hospitality
• reward
• social connection
• celebration
Almost all old cultures make their claim to food (perhaps not realizing that all other cultures do the same). However, in today’s world, food can be as much a detriment as it can be a benefit. Full of toxins, AGEs, etc and lacking in nutrient – sharing the “enjoyment of food” is more often like “sharing the toxins”; while pretending not to know; and worrying simply about the calories and the weight gain. But now with obesity, diabetes, depression, heart disease, etc being so high, we really need to be more aware. Be smarter than that…let’s look at some of the foods to avoid and some of the foods to embrace… Foods to avoid are foods that are high in: AGEs – more dangerous than free radicals; we make them externally when we apply heat to sugar with either fat or proteins; our bodies also make them when sugars are connected to fat or proteins without the direction of enzymes.
• ice cream
• egg nog
• baking goods – especially those made with vegetable shortening that not only contains GMO soy – but also contains transfats that even the FDA has now declared is “unsafe for human consumption”!! And is also a source of cadmium – a heavy metal toxin that stays in the body for over 30 years!!!
• potato chips
• crap chocolate
• decadent sauces
Processed foods/pasteurized foods/micro waved foods – all destroy the nutrients in the food providing you with toxins and no nutrients!
• microwaved popcorn
• microwaved appetizers
• egg nog (watch the labels for all of the sugars and artificial flavors)
• artificial apps like pretzels, potato chips, etc
• stuffing (watch the labels for MSG (most of them have it & it is a neurotoxin)
Processed meats – all those deli meats are full of nitrates and sodium nitrites that are unhealthy for you (they give you cancer while they kill off the bacteria) Foods that are better for you:
• Nuts: (avoid the peanuts) walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc
• Seeds: pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, etc
• Chocolate: whole, 100% chocolate
• Fruit: real, whole, fresh fruit
• Wonderful platters full of vegetables – with homemade quality dips
• Deviled eggs
• Coconut and chocolate mixes (low heat and use stevia rather than processed sugars)
And don’t mix alcohol and Tylenol – both are extremely toxic to the liver. Together, they can cause permanent liver damage. Are you aware that the manufacturer of Tylenol was forced to warn its customers of the risk of the product – result of a lawsuit against Tylenol – also identified as the nation’s leading cause of sudden liver
Be responsible, do your research, find a good health practitioner.

Here’s to your health!
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