STORY-2-ITEM-1-300x200Victoria: Christy Clark must release documents detailing the role she played in provoking strikes at B.C. schools, say B.C.’s New Democrats. “The B.C. Liberal government was caught trying to provoke a full-scale strike in B.C. schools,” said New Democrat leader Adrian Dix. “Premier Clark needs to release the documents that show the government’s meddling and apologize to the public for her plan to throw children, their families and our school system into chaos for political gain”.

After examining evidence from cabinet documents the B.C. Supreme Court found that the B.C. Liberal government was deliberately trying to provoke a full-scale strike at B.C. schools in the lead up to the last election. “We have written to Premier Clark, asking her to release these cabinet documents so B.C. families can judge whether the B.C. Liberals were serving the public or themselves in their dealings with teachers,” said New Democrat education critic Rob Fleming. “If her government is not deliberately undermining the education of our children there should be nothing to hide.”  NDP says, “An entire generation of students in British Columbia have been forced to learn in larger classes with fewer educational supports because of Christy Clark’s unconstitutional attacks on our public education system. For the last 12 years our school system has been used as a battleground by the B.C. Liberal government for their political gain”. Now the New Democrats are asking the premier to release cabinet documents detailing her government’s plans to provoke a full-scale strike in our schools.